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Applications and Games

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License Management

License Management will dramatically reduce your software expenses by distributing available licenses to client computers on demand. This feature will greatly reduce your software expenses as you only need to buy the number of licenses equal to the estimated maximum of concurrent users.

Application Wizard

By scanning all the computers on your network, the Application Wizards helps you through the process of setting up all your games and applications with the correct directories, paths and executable programs.

Application Profiles

Create application profiles for specific games when running promotions while leaving other games at full price.

Personal User Files

Allow customers to keep files which can be used to store save games, configuration files, keyboard controls, internet favourites, Word document etc. Filed are copied back and forth between clients for the applications they are related to. Files are copied when a user starts the specific application. When the applications ends, the updated files are copied back to the server.

Age Rating Support

Prevent under-age customers from playing age-inappropriate games. Includes support for both the ESRB (USA) and ESPA (Europe) rating standards.

CD Image Mounting

Create ISO images of game CDs and DVDs and load them up for repeated use without requiring the original disc.

Launch Remote Applications

Make updates or run external applications on one or all your client machines, instantly.

Manage Game Consoles and other gaming hardware

Connect console gaming systems (i.e. Xbox, PlayStation) or any time-based service you offer such as laptops, pool tables, private rooms, laser tag system, golf simulator, or anything you can think of. Automate it even further by connecting any supported third-party X10 device.

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