Client Security - Smartlaunch

Client Security

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Security Changer

Easily disable security from the Administrator if you have customers with special tasks or needs.

Disable Hotkeys

Prevent users from using hotkeys to access information on your computers.

Messenger Security

Disable file transfer and auto-update to keep malicious downloads off your computers.

Programs Blocker

Close all unwanted programs or windows by specifying a window title or just a part of the title. The feature can be used to block access to the command prompt or Notepad text editor.

File Blocker

Block executable files in a specific folder from being launched.

Disconnection Protection

Prevent interruptions with Disconnection Protection so customers are not affected if a client somehow becomes disconnected from the server.

Block Drive Access

Prevent your customers from accessing the drives you specify ranging from A: to Z:.

Disable Internet Explorer Functionality

Control actions allowed in Internet Explorer such as View Source or Save As.

Block File Downloading

Prevent your customers from downloading malicious software and files to your hard drive.

Windows ® Functionality

Prevent access to vital windows functionality such as the Control Panel, Explorer or Task Manager.

Website Blocking

Deny access to malicious and restricted websites.

Website Tracking

Understand user behaviour and protect your business from illegal activity by logging web activity on all client computers.


Monitor user activity through automated client screenshots in just a few clicks.


Running Smartlaunch on your client computers won’t remove the Windows taskbar functionality from the interface. Besides the standard taskbar features and functionality, the Smartlaunch taskbar has a box showing the account balance and a button used to order products.

Lock Screen

Safeguard your customer data and give them peace of mind while AFK with a password protected lock screen that can display images, advertisements, videos or even a website.

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