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Financial Reporting & Statistics

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Shift Manager

Keep tabs on what happens during employee shifts by generating reports on offers, cash register reports and stock reports.


Generate a variety of different statistical reports including customer usage, occupancy ratio, product sales, game / application usage, and employee statistics. This feature can help you allocate resources and optimise your business. Every report is customisable in period and scale, such as year, month, week, day or hour.

Financial Reports

Generate financial reports showing all sales per product and total taxes in a user specified period of time.

Cash Register Reports

Cash register reports are generated at every shift.You can always go back and view or print old reports.

Employee Sales Reports

Generate reports showing all sales your employees have made during a period of your choice.

Error Reports

Export a list of all active error reports in your store.

Stock Reports

Make a report of the current stock level.

Receive Reports Directly to Your Inbox

Receive an email every time a new error report is made or when a product has reached the stock warning level.

Unique Users Report

Reports now feature a unique user metric which is the total number of unique users who logged in at least once in a given time period.

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