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Management & Utilities

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Computer Control

All computers in your store are controllable from the Smartlaunch Administrator so you can boot / re-boot / shut down all computers at one time or select computers individually.

User Account Management

Create user accounts for your customers, load them with prepaid time, and set different prices depending on membership type. View session history, personal logs,and change the user groups. Combined with personal user files, which allows customers store their own files, means you can greatly improve your customer experience in the gaming centre and – most importantly – make your customers want to come back again and again.

User Groups

Heps you create and manage various membership scenarios through an unlimited number of different customer types and user groups. Specify a specific pricing structure for each group including differentiated time, product and offer prices. Set an expiration date for the group, such that after a certain number of days the user will revert to a different group (e.g. VIP-member to regular member).

File Transfer

Send multiple files or folders from the Administrator to one or more client computers.

Equipment Rental

Keep track and charge for rented equipment such as mice and headsets

User Images

Upload or snap photos directly from your webcam and make sure your customers are who they say they are.

Layout Groups by Location

Sort your machines into layout groups, which could be organized into groups such as “1st Floor” and “Basement”.

Waiting Line

Integrated waiting line adds people to a queue, avoiding confusing “manual” waiting lines. If you have a waiting line, free computers will be limited to customers in the waiting line.

Error Reporting Center

Make an error report when you discover a defect on a computer. This will make it much easier for your technician or system responsible to locate and troubleshoot any problems in your store.

Language Editor

If your language is not included by default, you can make your own language file using the language editor.

Force Client Update

Allow clients machines to be automatically updated.

MySQL Support

If you outgrow your database limit, you upgrade to MySQL database. Using this database system speeds up transactions and general loading times.

Multiple Administrators

Reduce waiting time by using more than one Administrator at the front desk – or allow an Admin to view the status of your store or view financial reports from home.

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