Networking - Smartlaunch


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Wifi Captive Portal / Hotspot

Easily setup a Wifi hotspot for customers who bring their own computers and laptops, and then charge them for time and access directly from the Smartlaunch POS.


Get access to data with the API and build third-party applications yourself to interact with Smartlaunch, or download applications created specifically for Smartlaunch from dozens of providers.

Web Services

Enable Smartlaunch web services with a simple script that enables customers to visit your website and see who’s there and what games they are playing, encouraging more people to visit. It also allows you to check up on the status of your own store while you’re away.

Diskless Clients Support

Run one server computer for all of your client computers. All you need is a good router or switch thats connects all of your client computers to a single server.

Network Mapping

Map customer personal files to a network drive, so when a customer logs into a client, the My Documents folder will automatically get redirected to the network drive.


Wake your computers in a single click. (Requires a Wake-On-LAN supported network card.)

IP Filtering

Prevent authorized network access with an added layer of security by limiting the range of allowable IP addresses.

Proxy Settings

Setup a proxy server as a intermediaty between your Smartlaunch server and the internet. Set it up using the default Internet Explorer settings or configuring your own.

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