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Point of Sale

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Product Sales

Sell all types of products including time, products and offers directly from Smartlaunch. The POS system offers an unlimited number of product slots and support of standard POS equipment such as barcode scanners, cash drawers and receipt printers.

Product Offers

Create all kinds of offers. For example, you can create an offer which includes 3 hours and a soft drink for a fixed price. You can also create offers only available in a fixed period of time – which for instance could be a “night gib” event.

Cash Drawer Support

Smartlaunch supports standard cash drawers to open every time you receive cash or other payment types.

Barcode Scanner Support

Use a barcode scanner to sell products in a quick and easy way.

Stock Control

Prevent empty supplies of candy or other products under stock control. Receive a warning email when a product stock gets below a level of your choice.

Sales Tax

Specify up to three different taxes, which can be set individually on products or product groups.

Fingerprint Scanning

By assigning a fingerprint to a user account a customer can login using a finger instead of a username and password. If you don’t have a fingerprint on all computers you can have a single scanner on the Administrator computer used to lock/unlock user accounts.


Design your own receipts to contain detailed information about the sale. You can print receipts regardless of the printer type just as long it is supported by your Windows operating system.

Booking System

Trade your pen and paper for our integrated booking system. Make a flexible booking or select a specific group of computers. Each booking contains parameters such as name, username, phone number and smoking/non-smoking.

Print Monitoring

Monitor print jobs automatically and charge them directly to a customer’s account. You can specify individual prices for black & white and colour prints.

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