Pricing - Smartlaunch

Extra client licenses can be added to any plan for $5 each.

Don’t fit into any of these plans? Individual client licences are available for $7 per month (monthly plan only)

Common Questions

Do you offer assistance with Smartlaunch setup and training?

Smartlaunch Professional Services technicians provide expert guidance that helps shorten your path to success. We’ll get your team up-to-speed with your new tools as quickly as possible. Contact us for more details.

Where can I find help and documentation?

We have an extensive knowledge base and many screencasts to help you. Our support technicians are also available on our live chat!

I have 12 computers and don’t need as many as 25 licences in the Standard Plan . Can I purchase the Starter plan and buy the extra two client licenses needed?

Yes. Extra client licenses can be purchased at checkout.

I have further questions. How can I contact you?

You can contact us here.

What is a Client?

A client is defined as any device that uses Smartlaunch for tracking and billing purposes, regardless if the Smartlaunch client application is installed or not. This includes PC’s, Laptops, Console devices like PS3’s and Xboxes, Tablet devices, etc. For example, if your store has 10 PCs and 12 Xboxes, you will need a plan that covers you for at least 22 clients.

What happens after my Free Trial?

Your free trial expires 4 weeks after signing up. We’ll email you before your expiry date and at any time you can visit this pricing page and sign-up for a payment plan. Your trial will become your permanent account (all your customizations, data, and actions remain intact).

I have a store with more than 90 client machines. What are my options?

Please contact us about our Enterprise Plans.

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