100 Thieves beat eUnited to win CWL London 2019

Posted on: May 07, 2019 By smartlaunch in News and trends,


Call of Duty World League ran an event in London this past weekend with lots of top teams. 100 Thieves captured its first championship at the Call of Duty World League major event, thus earning 25,000 pro points (used for qualifying for future events) and USD 125,000.

100 Thieves was actually only second in their group and proceeded with the result 2-1, behind OpTic Gaming after losing to just OpTic. However, they got revenge and beat OpTic in the playoffs, after which OpTic lost 3-0 against eUnited. eUnited then lost 3-1 in the grand final.

Although this tournament has come to an end, there’s still plenty of Call of Duty action to look forward to this year. The next major LAN event will be CWL Anaheim, which starts on June 14. The CWL Pro League will return on May 13.

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