21-year-old Danish superstar: We were seen as nerds

Posted on: Mar 08, 2018 By Admin in News and trends,

In the hunt for World Cup gold, ‘Agge’ has worn 100 controllers down. We have visited a world-class Danish Esporting Center. Two world championships, hundreds of thousands of global fans and huge cash prizes. And more than 100 worn playstation controllers. Visit some of the front men and women in music, gaming and internet culture. We enter the wizard’s workshop to understand the magic we know them for.

At the age of 21, August ‘Agge’ Rosenmeier has reached more than most. He has marked himself as one of Denmark’s – not to mention the world’s –  best esports athletes in the football game ‘FIFA’ with World Cup 2014 (official) and 2016 (the unofficial).

Now he will do it again for the World Cup in 2018. Agge has secured access to one of the crucial qualifying tournaments that will be settled in April. He is about to move to London to start the Hashtag United squad, a crew that created headlines. The road has been a long time since the prejudice of gaming and esport was something you cultivated in dark basements with cola and pizza:
– Many of us were seen as nerds. But we are getting recognized much more, says ‘Agge’.

Startup an eSports center