Danish government funds eSports

Posted on: Aug 23, 2018 By smartlaunch in News and trends,

The Danish government will fund the company behind the Blast Pro Series eSport tournament.  Initially, these funds will be added to RFRSH, which is the company behind the successful Danish team Astralis, the big eSports tournament Blast Pro Series and another Danish Counter Strike crew, Heroic.

The amounts for the Danish eSports elite will be even bigger, says Naser Khader, cultural leader in the Conservative People’s Party. “Denmark is a prominent country in eSports and we have won the World Cup. We want to maintain that leadership position, and therefore we will add even more funds to the eSport under the Finance Act. And the money should not only go to RFRSH.

If someone else is equally skilled in organizing tournaments, organizing events and doing speech work, then we’ll look at it. Nobody is excluded”, says Naser Khader to Danish TV 2, and continues: “Esport is a new sport, and there are no sponsors enough in relation to the many activities that are about the sport. Therefore, this can help make eSports better in general terms.”

In the organization Esport Denmark, the official association of eSports in Denmark, the chairman, Thomas Koed, welcomes the government’s willingness to add more funding to the new sport. He calls for a national eSport strategy that will also cater for the grassroots in sport.




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