All-female CS:GO team enter Esports Hall of Fame

Posted on: Jul 04, 2019 By Isabelle in News and trends,

The all-female gaming team Dignitas is taking the esports world by a storm, seemingly breezing through win after win. Recently, they won the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive female division world championships two times in a row. The female team was created in 2017, by EmmaLee Garrido “EMUHLEET”.

In her twitter bio, EmmaLee writes that she is a nurse by day, and a 5x world champion in esports. Joining EmmaLee, is Carolyn Noquez “artStar”, Amanda Smith “rain”, Kiara Makua “milk”, and Melisa Mundorff “Theia”.

Heather Garozzo “sapphiRe” manages the Dignitas team, and she is featured in the Esports Hall of Fame 2019. She has been travelling the world in the pursuit of bringing the best players to life. Heather is going to join legendary esports names all over the world.

The team has woken the interest of more international brand sponsors such as Dell and Mountain Dew. Mountain Dew is also set on making a five-episode documentary on the female Dignitas team.

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