Anti-doping controls during the FIFA eWorld Cup in London

Posted on: Jul 31, 2018 By smartlaunch in News and trends,

The FIFA 18 World Final, or FIFA eWorld Cup, which will take place August 2-4 in London, will see the application of anti-doping controls to players and their staff. This is the first time in the history of FIFA, and will be accompanied by other disciplinary measures.

Due to the fact that eSports is growing at an exponential rate, especially in terms of media coverage and closer ties to traditional sport, the governing body of global football has decided to oversee its own virtual competition, the FIFA eWorld Cup – the World Cup on the FIFA 18 game – as it would for any of its competitions.

For this, FIFA has requested all players and coaches to sign the FIFA Disciplinary Code and Code of Ethics. This commitment will oblige all these players to comply with the same rules as those established for professional footballers taking part in one of these competitions, such as doping controls.

As the FIFA eWorld Cup continues to professionalize, measures regarding anti-doping and match manipulation will be in force at the Grand Final to ensure fairness in London.

The controls will take place, randomly or targeted during the competition. Their purpose is to detect any use of prohibited substance among those listed with the AMA, including stimulants useful to eSport, as some with an impact on the ability to concentrate.

This is a good initiative, which should allow the FIFA sports scene to win, too, in credibility. Doping will not be the only battle horse of FIFA during these three days of competition. No fraud will be tolerated and the players involved in the competition, the 32 best players on the globe on FIFA 18, will not bet before and during matches. A control of other bets will obviously be made. At a time when eSports is approaching the highest levels, where the IOC is trying to understand its specificities and give it a real place, FIFA does not intend to slow down the movement.

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