Astralis beat Na’ve in the CS:GO Faceit Major London final

Posted on: Sep 24, 2018 By smartlaunch in News and trends,

Danish Astralis became the winner of the CS:GO Faceit event in London this weekend. The Danes were better than Na’ve in the final and took home their second major title. In front of a big crowd at Wembley on Sunday, they offered a rare counter strike to defeat Na’vi in ​​the big final.

The red-white five completely ran over their opponents by 16-6. The score 9-6 in half became 14-6 before Na’vi found their way back. But, then it was already late. With 16-9 it was clear that Astralis, with impressive skills, had secured their second major title.

For the team’s awp star Nicolai “Device” Reedz, the major title was the final puzzle piece for a comeback in a year that initially seemed to go another way. Since 2017, he has been suffering from IBS and reflux, which repeatedly have forced him to skip tournaments. “I’m playing at my highest level, and I thought this would be a tough year with all sickness absence, and it turns out to be the best year of my life,” he told after Sunday’s major victory.

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