Athletes in eSports earn millions of dollars

Posted on: May 31, 2018 By smartlaunch in News and trends,

These eSports athletes have an income of million of dollars! JessNoLimit mah is nothing compared to them!

In the past, if you hear or see someone playing the game they will immediately berate and scorn the gamer, because they do a busy activity that does not produce anything. In the past, maybe just the achievements and pride alone gained from playing games, but what about money?

Yes, the first will remain the first, because it is now clearly different. Revenue alias gamer alias athletes today can even beat the income from regular jobs! For example these three eSports athletes whose riches even surpass JessNoLimit, the legendary eSports Mobile Legends and Youtuber in Indonesia! Let’s see who they are:

1. Kuroky Kuroky Takhasomi (US $ 3,626,277 / Rp50,6 billion) – Team Liquid Dota 2

Playing Dota 2 has been a long time, it is clear why this player can be spelled out to be the player with the greatest income in the realm of eSports. Play Dota from Defense of the Ancient, Kuroky continues the tradition of champion up to the time of Dota 2 at this time. The last time, he won the International 2017 and won a prize money of US $ 10 million!

2. Amer ‘Miracle-‘ Al-Barkawi (US $ 3,199.686 / Rp44,7 billion) – Team Liquid Dota 2

As wonderkid aka child prodigy, it is clear the talent of this athlete is paid dearly. Plus, thanks to his ability, this player also managed to win a lot of competition. The ugliest thing he only managed to get a rating of two only. Formerly with OG, he managed to win some Major competitions. When playing for Liquid, he also managed to win Dota 2 The International 2017 together with Kuroky.

3. Saahil ‘Universe’ Arora ($ 2,984,603 / Rp41,7 billion) – Fnatic Dota 2

Like Kuroky, Universe can also be regarded as a veteran in competitive arena Dota 2. As a veteran, it is clear the reason why his income from the competition can be so much. However, most of the achievements that he got himself is when he was with his previous team, Evil Geniuses. His biggest income is still from when he won IT 5 with Team EG, who managed to get a prize of US $ 6 million with his friends.

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