Auto Chess Mobile coming soon

Posted on: Mar 15, 2019 By smartlaunch in News and trends,

The developer of Dota Auto Chess, Drodo Studio, has cooperated with Imba TV and Long Mobile Limited to launch Auto Chess Mobile. Drodo Studio will cooperate with Imba TV and Long Mobile Limited to provide a fair platform for global players to enjoy the game.

The mobile version of Auto Chess will be outside of a Dota background but it will retain the classic game mechanism and reward old players for binding Steam accounts to their new accounts. Because the mobile Auto Chess will be a stand-alone version of the game, Valve will not be involved and Drodo does not own the rights to any of the current champions. None of the current heroes will be present in the mobile version. Auto Chess Mobile will support both iOS and Android systems, and will also allow global players to play together.

Games on phones are an exponentially growing industry and especially in China, where Drodo Studio is based. The success of Dota Auto Chess may be owed to its creative game mechanism, which combines collective card games (CCG) with real-time strategy games (RTS). In this game, players need to make decisions within a specified time and manage their economy rationally. Besides the various game tactics, luck has also become a vital factor to affect the game situation.

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