Blue Mountains first ever esports expo

Posted on: Jul 01, 2019 By Isabelle in News and trends,

Blue Mountains is a region outside of Sydney, NSW in Australia. The Blue Mountains is a widely-known tourist destination in Australia, and is located in a World Heritage area. The area is also a thriving professional business community, and this year, they will host their first ever esports gaming event.

The event is called Hubcon, and will take place in Springwood, between 12-14th of July. Hubcon is also coincidentally their first ever pop culture expo. The event will be a mini-convention, and will feature gaming tournaments for non-cash prizes such as Super Smash Bro’s ultimate tournament. There will also be a chance to revisit the 80’s and 90’s with retro arcade games.

Magic: The Gathering, is the largest card trading event which will also be at Hubcon 2019. There will also be board games, and a variety of different types of gaming. The Hubcon 2019 event highlights how esports gaming is becoming a larger phenomenon in smaller communities as well. The event will be a big boost for the already popular tourist destination.

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