Update from Bali SmartHack 2015

Mar 19, 2015

Hello from Bali! We're here working together to put the finishing touches on SmartLaunch 4.8, our first major product release since the end of 2014. It also puts the long awaited Wifi captive portal into the hands of cust..

Smartlaunch Wifi Captive portal preview

Mar 02, 2015

It’s been a little while since we’ve touched based with the status of the ‘WiFi Captive Portal’ feature and wanted to give everyone some updates! What does the Wifi Captive Portal do? This new feature allows you t..

Smartlaunch Winter 2014 Update

Dec 04, 2014

Last week we started seeding an update to SmartLaunch (version 4.7.130), which delivers improved performance, reliability and a few cool new features. A Quick Tour We've now added the option to include a Welcome Screen o..

Hackathon Updates

Nov 14, 2014

After looking at countless directions to move forward with our special project during the Hackathon, we have finally gained ground and decided to work from the ground up to deliver the most customized feature to you all. T..

Smartlaunch 2014 Hackathon

Nov 07, 2014

It's time to kickoff our 2014 Hackathon, where all our Smartlaunch developers unite together from around the world to bring you guys our best work! That's right, this means we will soon be delivering the features YOU asked..

Smartlaunch Beta Testers Wanted

Jun 03, 2014

Hi there, we're looking for some beta testers, would you like to become one? We have a number of upcoming releases that require a small amount of beta testing. Beta testers will get access to early beta versions, try new f..

Smartlaunch Spring 2014 release out now

Jun 02, 2014

The latest version of Smartlaunch is out today (version 4.7.95) on our release channel, so make sure to reboot your server and follow the update prompts. What should you expect in this new release? Since our last release w..

Manual Patch for Smartlaunch Alpha / Beta version 4.7.90 and Up

May 29, 2014

Please read this only if you're on our Beta or Alpha branch. For all of our beta tester (and alpha tester), if you're using Smartlaunch 4.7.90 and up, there's a small bug that prevents Smartlaunch from checking and downloadi..

Smartlaunch 4.7.42 is Now Released!

May 13, 2013

Smartlaunch 4.7.42 is now available on the Release branch. To update your Smartlaunch into this version, open your Smartlaunch Server, then go to the "Update" tab, then click on button "Check for Update". And here's the li..

Smartlaunch 4.7.42 BETA with File Transfer and EXE Blocker

May 07, 2013

Finally, two of the most requested new features on Smartlaunch, the ability to transfer and distribute files to Clients PC and an EXE blocker! Yup, those features are already here, on our latest BETA, version 4.7.42. 1. EXE ..

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