CCSU Creates a USD 300k Esports Facility

Posted on: Sep 10, 2019 By Isabelle in News and trends, CCSU unveils esports facility

It is no news that esports has been making its way into colleges. The idea of having varsity esports teams, is more popular than ever. The Central Connecticut State University (CCSU), has recently unveiled a USD 300,000 esports facility for the school.

This esports facility is 1,500 square foot, and has video games consoles for 22 people to play. The games allowed at the school are strictly sports-centered video games. The hefty price tag for the facility, is due to renovations of an old building, as well as technology costs.

The school’s facility has big-name business sponsors, including Microsoft, Dell, and Response Gaming Limited. The goal of the esports facility is to create academic programs for esports, and to give the faculty an opportunity for further research into what esports can do for schools.

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