• New: Interim statement report sorted with daily totals
  • New: Simple monthly profit & loss Report
  • Added PC numbering by computer group
  • Fixed hourly report issue



  • Fixed balance doesn’t get reduced when time is transferred
  • Added extra security: asking for password before doing transfer
  • Fixed displayed available time/balance
  • Fixed button display on Client



  • New: voided transaction report
  • New: user detailed record
  • New: login alert when a user is entered the wrong username/password for more than 5 times
  • Added setting on Usergroup to enable/disable credit limit on sales
  • Added employees access per computer groups
  • Fixed booking reminder keeps popping out
  • Fixed webcam issue in administrator
  • Fixed allow void transaction
  • Fixed void and remove transaction
  • Fixed issue when a removed offer or product can still be voided
  • Fixed issue when adding too many employees

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