Elite Gaming Center is the first franchise of high-performance centers for gamers in Spain, which already has 8 franchises distributed throughout the Spanish territory.
It was born in Seville in 2013 by Jesús Sánchez Rueda (LinkedIn: Jesús Sánchez Rueda). During these years it has expanded in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Málaga, Granada y Mallorca. The next 2 openings are in Zaragoza and Bilbao. They will soon have 10 centers.
Some of their centers have from 30 stations to 90 stations. We have 414 stations in total. All of them have a specific gaming decoration, with gaming chairs and peripherals.
A business model that prioritizes the experience of its clientele offering them the best technology, in addition to enjoying in the community with their passion: video games. The Centers offer an exclusive experience, that mixes video games with good ambient between friends.
The centers have a great coordination with the central office that it allows a fluent communication and the solution of problems in a matter of minutes, allowing even a better service to the client.
It endorses us four mainly gears:
1. Teams and lastest generation peripherals
2. Ideal facilities with gaming decorations
3. Organizations of tournaments and events
4. Bootcamp zones
Currently, they have bars in some centers to make a complete experience.
Their customers enjoy their favorite video game with his friends in a gaming ambient and even the employees are the friend of theirs. This creates a community among their customers that allows them to be loyal.
Their motto is to make their customers have fun, create events and tournaments of their favorite video games. This is an example of one of their centers.

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