ESL partners with National Student Esports

Posted on: Aug 19, 2019 By Isabelle in News and trends,

National Student Esports (NSE) and ESL today announced a long term partnership that focuses on enriching Higher Education student’s path to professional careers within the esports industry.

ESL recognise that universities are home to the next generation of talent and, in the years to come, graduates from UK universities will be amongst the leaders that shape the esports industry.

NSE has been successfully working on delivering the best university esports experience and promoting a connected esports community since 2018 which complements ESL’s mission to nurture skills at all levels.

Throughout the course of the next academic year, NSE and ESL will be releasing details of collaborative initiatives, both together and with partners, that engage students across the full breadth of their respective propositions.

With less than 20% of NSE’s members regularly participating in non-university competition, it is hoped that the partnership will help strengthen the UK competitive landscape from the ground up.

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