Esport – League of Legends: Fnatic European Champion

Posted on: Apr 10, 2018 By smartlaunch in News and trends,

More than two years after his last continental trophy on League of Legends , Fnatic has stopped the series of four consecutive titles of G2 in the final of the LCS EU – the European elite – this Sunday afternoon in Copenhagen (3-0).

Fnatic is back to the top on League of Legends. More than two years after its last continental title, the favorite structure of European fans was crowned this Sunday night for the sixth time in eleven editions of the LCS EU. With his MVP of the “spring split”, Martin “Rekkles” Larsson, imperial today, but without his French toplaner Paul “sOAZ” Boyer, injured , she easily defeated an organization that remained on four trophies consecutive , G2, in just under three hours (3-0).

Yet G2 had started the game very well by taking control of the first run. While the team of former player Carlos “ocelote” Rodriguez seemed in a position to conclude, several consecutive errors allowed Fnatic to go ahead and pocket the first point. A cruel and almost fatal inaugural defeat for G2, which was subject to the opponent’s law in the next two games, being pressed during the matches, without ever seeming to be able to regain control or take advantage of an opponent’s mistake.

Finally, Rekkles finished the series without the slightest death and with two “pentakills” (the five opposing players eliminated), justifying a bit more his title of best player of the season and gleaning in passing that of the meeting. Despite the outstanding individual performance of the Swedish adc, it is mainly collectively that Fnatic took the lead over the three meetings, thus validating a controlled spring segment. In front, G2 disappointed collectively but also individually. His jungle-mid duo Jankos-Perkz, which was expected very strong, was finally overtaken by that of Fnatic, Broxah-Caps. The series of G2 therefore stops at four consecutive European trophies , but after having changed so many players in the offseason, a new final seems to be a rather exceptional result in itself.

This sixth title of the most appreciated European structure of the public allows him to validate his place for the Mid-Season Invitational, international tournament of mid-season which gathers the champions of the major regions of League of Legends. We can imagine seeing Fnatic in Paris, since the French capital will host the final stages of the competition at the end of May .

“Spring split” and “summer split” are the two season games of the LCS, the main European league championship on League of Legends. These two “segments”, spring and summer, are distinct and give the title of “European champion” to two teams per year. The end of the summer split allows to design the three teams that participate in the World Championships.

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