eSports takes off at Augusta University

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Augusta University’s newest varsity sports team, no field or ball required.

The Peach Belt Conference teamed up with the creators of the popular game, League of Legends, to start competing in the College League of Legends series. The Peach Belt is the first NCAA conference to do this.

This is an example of the quick growth of eSports.

It’s competitive gaming, but it might not fit your traditional idea of what a sport is. Zack Wright, the Competitive Sports Coordinator at Augusta University says if people keep an open mind of what a sport is, then it makes sense. “There’s not much I have to say about that other than just watch it,” he says.

Wright says they put the squad together fairly quickly. “We got students from both campuses working together to create something pretty unique and pretty special pretty quickly. I’m proud with how that’s come about so far.”

They put out a call for interested students in January. One of these students is Team Captain Aaron Chestnut.

He says he was pretty surprised by the number of interested players, “A lot of us didn’t even know so many people played at the university.”

Besides the obvious, no ball or field, there are more similarities than differences with eSports and traditional sports. Wright compares Augusta University’s League of Legends team to a basketball team.

There are five players on each side, each with a very specific role.

Chestnut says, “You couldn’t just swap one role for another during a weekend – it may take you months to catch up with your opponent. It may take you years to be at that same kind of level even though it is the same game.”

Just like any other sport, the team gets together to practice and study their opponents to come up with a strategy for game day.

Chestnut says, “Luckily we won our first game so I think for a lot of us that was really exhilarating and a lot of fun to see. We just came together and we’re already doing a lot of what we wanted to do.”

As the team competes in their first year of play, the school has high hopes for what they can do with eSports in the future.

Wright says with cyber becoming a mainstay at Augusta University, they could be able to rope in some talented players.

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