Ever consider selling a 28¢ cup of French Vanilla Latte for $2?

Posted on: Oct 22, 2017 By admin in Tips,

When I had my store, this is what unexpectedly turned out to be our best-seller, more profitable and selling in larger quantities than even water: a small cup of french vanilla latte.


French Vanilla Latte

French Vanilla Latte

Now I’m not talking about the $500 investment of a Starbucks-style machine, but simply powder and interesting cups. The secret, really, is a well-lit sign. I can’t put enough emphasis on the sign, causing even myself to constantly fall for this tasty temptation of caffeine. So the presentation matters: You don’t need a giant machine, just a water boiler (looks like a giant water pitcher that sits on a heat stand), which is incredibly cheap! This also psychologically makes it taste better rather than seeing it heated in a Microwave.

I also mentioned cups earlier: We used poker-style cups that we constantly ran promotions with. These had a draw of cards on the side, and these looked cool and could have done promos with these as well, but I mostly went with the number at the bottom. At the bottom of each cup, you get 1 card. Say, if you get an ace, you get a free hour of gameplay! You can assign face-cards with small prizes — perhaps 30 minutes free for the King. Be creative~

Overall, a small cup of french vanilla latte accompanied with a nice sign can go a long way: perhaps unexpectedly to the top of your product sales. If you like this, it’s just as easy (and cheaper) to add mocha, regular coffee, tea, and hot cocoa to your product line, as well!

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