Female Legends breaking new grounds for women in eSports

Posted on: Mar 12, 2019 By smartlaunch in News and trends,

With a European league for women, training seminars and training camps, the association Female Legends hopes to break new grounds in esports. The computer game industry has long tried to attract girls. Now the players are gathering themselves for it to happen for real.

Esports has so far been dominated by men, but that is about to change. Although half of everyone who plays computer games today are women, only about 5 percent of all professional players are women. The development potential is therefore enormous.

A part of the work is the Women’s Esports League, WEL, a league at European level that started last week. This is the first season for the league to compete in the League of Legends and CS:GO and the prize pool is SEK 50,000 (~ USD 5,300). The goal is that the prize money will increase in the future as the number of players increase.

It’s the financial restrictions that govern Female Legend’s activities. Presently, there are about fifty people who work voluntarily at Female Legends. Female Legends does not find it difficult to get sponsors, but the support is often of a temporary nature. With more money, the association would be able to grow and be able to reach out outside the big cities.

The goal for Female Ledgends is not to exist at all in a three years’ period; that esports and the gaming industry have become equal. A lot of things have happened only during the two years Female Ledgends has existed. Today, more and more girls in the industry are role models.

Female Legends wants to give girls an alternative so that they dare to invest in a career in the gaming industry. What is needed are more reflective games that also attract women. But then the game developers also need to become more equal.

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