FIFA Esports Reveals New 2020 Season Format Changes

Posted on: Oct 04, 2019 By Isabelle in Tournaments,

FIFA Esports and Electronic Arts (EA) announced that they are doing some format changes for the new 2020 esports season. One of the changes includes a “friendly competition mode” when it comes to online qualification for the global series.

The friendly competition mode is a method from traditional soccer. Teams and individual players have the chance to play two games, to determine who goes through.

If two clubs play each other twice, the winner is decided through aggregate score. Aggregate score is when you add together the scores from both games. If the aggregate score is tied, the winner is the club that scored the most on the opponent’s field.

Another change being made, is allowing both teams and individual players to stream their group stage games. Due to the rise of esports, more professional teams are joining to compete in The EA Sports FIFA 20 Global Series.

This will overall be one of the most exciting seasons, and the global series kicks off November 8th.

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