Football match was interrupted by strange protest against eSports

Posted on: Sep 25, 2018 By smartlaunch in News and trends,

Swiss football supporters took the opportunity to protest against eSports during a match between the teams Young Boys Bern and Basel on Sunday. The football match between Swiss Young Boys Bern and Basel was interrupted by the referee after supporters threw objects on the field.

With just 15 minutes played, it started raining tennis balls and also some handheld game consoles on the football field. On one of the controls that was captured in the broadcast, the words “Fuck eSports” was written.

Young Boys supporters also held up a big banner with a break-syrup. Even the opponents Basel’s supporters brought a banner with the words “Esport is crazy.”

Football clubs around Europe have increasingly invested money in eSports over the past few years and hosted both Fifa and other games.

However, despite the attentive protests, it is still unclear whether they targeted any specific investment at the clubs or just against eSports in general.

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