Fortnite’s Winter Royale Online Tournament

Posted on: Nov 21, 2018 By smartlaunch in News and trends,

The Winter Royale Online Tournament is Fortnite‘s next esports event. This was announced yeasterday by Epic Games.

The tournament will start on November 24 and award $1 million. Any player can participate by accessing Fortnite’s tournament mode. The in-game tournament system was launched in October. Epic Games will reach out to the top performers in each region and invite them to compete in the Winter Royale Finals.

The Winter Royale will be an exclusively solo event, meaning that each participant will compete alone. Many esports organizations field large teams of Fortnite competitors, which will all have to compete directly against one another in this tournament.

This online tournament series will serve as a testing ground for Epic’s newly-released Online Tournament system, the qualification platform for next year’s Fortnite World Cup. The event is once again restricted to Europe and North America, but Epic’s announcement did add the developer’s plans to roll out other region-specific tournaments in additional regions in the near future.

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