From fish farming to eSports star

Posted on: Sep 21, 2018 By smartlaunch in News and trends,

Last year, he worked with fish farming together with his uncle. Today, Jim «jeemzz» Eliassen (21) is one of the best on the PUBG (Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds) computer game and earns millions.

“I was good at playing, but never thought that I would become a professional player. I did not have that dream. But then PUBG came, and it all just happend”, Eliassen tells

After playing several online tournaments, Eliassen became acquainted with other players who invited him to the team Penta. Then Penta received an invitation to the big tournament IEM Oakland.

“It did not go very well over there, just a 17th place. But after that I was contacted by Team Liquid, he says.

Before the trip to Oakland, California, the 19-year-old had never been abroad, other than shopping on the Swedish border. The trip to the American west coast was the first time he went on an aeroplane. After that, he has been in the spotlight for most of the time.

Nowadays, in the evenings, there is training with the team most of the days. “Training is basically based on a varied tactic and play style. And we always try to improve the communication level”, he says.

He also thinks that he will need to move abroad soon: “In one year, I think there will be a new pro league in PUBG. I have heard that everyone who is playing in the team is allowed to move and live in the same apartment.”


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