Gfinity to host Call of Duty World League Open in London in May

Posted on: Feb 05, 2019 By smartlaunch in News and trends,

Gfinity will host the third open event of the competitive Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 season, called CWL London, which will take place at the Copper Box Arena in London 3-5 May.

This is Gfinity’s first major CoD event since 2016. The company has also managed UK esports competitions for Electronic Arts, Microsoft, and Codemasters.

This will be one of the events leading up to the CWL Championship in August. There will be 16 teams battle it out for the win. An amateur tournament will also take place, where up to 200 teams can compete for separate prizes. The event will be divided into a USD 325,000 professional tournament and a USD 75,000 competition for amateurs.

In addition to its own events, such as the Gfinity Elite Series, Gfinity—which is publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange under GFIN—has partnered with several publishers to help run their UK esports events. These currently include the FIFAePremier League, F1 Esports Series, and the Halo World Championship.

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