GLHF.GG – a new global eSports community

Posted on: Dec 06, 2018 By smartlaunch in News and trends,

The abbreviations GLHF GG are known worldwide among gamers and read out Good Luck, Have Fun, Good Game. MRG and Gamingzone Entertainment have chosen these well-known abbreviations as the name – GLHF.GG – on their joint global venture within the esports.

GLHF.GG is a site that focuses on entertainment, streaming, gameplay and betting on esports. The site is expected to go live during the first quarter of 2019. “Our goal is to create a community where esports followers all over the world want to be,” says Niklas Grawé, CEO of GLHF.GG. “We have managed to secure a fantastic and relevant name that, together with our idea of ​​linking streaming, betting and gameplay, has every chance of attracting this fast-growing audience.”

It was in May this year that MRG and Gamingzone Entertainment presented their jointly owned company for esports. In the autumn, Niklas Grawé, Chief Commercial Officer of Mobile Operator Tre, was recruited as CEO. “GLHF.GG is an important part of our strategy of expanding in the value chain,” said Per Norman, MD of MRG. “This venture within esports gives us both important knowledge and more growth opportunities.”

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