Hitmarker Report: Number of Esports Jobs Growing

Posted on: Feb 11, 2020 By smartlaunch in News and trends,

UK-based esports job platform Hitmarker has released an infographic detailing the state of esports jobs in 2019. Comparing data gathered in 2018 to that obtained in 2019, Hitmarker provides insight into the growth of opportunities in the industry.

The USA remains the number one country hiring for esports jobs. The number of esports jobs based in the country has seen a growth of 130,96%. In particular, the cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles combined accounted for 22,70% of all esports jobs worldwide. On the other hand, the number of remote-based jobs only grew from 1,572 to 1,682. In addition, the UK, which is the second most popular country for esports jobs of those included in the Hitmarker study, had 677 esports jobs posted last year. Overall, the USA continues to dominate the esports scene by a significant amount.

The most active esports company is Twitch for hiring staff. Overall, it advertised 1,334 jobs last year. It accounted for 12,10% of all jobs in the sector around the world.

The second and third most active companies were Riot Games and Epic Games, respectively. Riot offered 6,86%, 757 roles, of the total jobs available. Meanwhile, Epic Games offered 3,38% of the opportunities in 2019, 373 jobs.

California was the most dominant state for esports in the US. The west coast state made up 63,44% of the country’s opportunities: 3,943. Washington and New York proved to be the second and third biggest states. They had 418 and 366 roles available, respectively.

Women seeking employment in the esports sector continued to rise. In 2018, 14,04% of prospective job seekers were female. That number increased to 15,63% last year.

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