How to Sell the LAN Center Social Environment

Posted on: Jan 17, 2017 By Edwin in Tips,

Everything these days is about being social. It’s as if social networking and media have taken over the world. To a certain extent that is true and technology keeps changing the way people interact with each other. That can be seen by the popularity of Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. They tap into the need for humans to communicate and socialize.

When it comes to the world of gaming, Words with Friends became an overnight hit because it allowed people to challenge each other.  When it comes to LAN centers, it is interesting to note that those who visit these gaming locations also have the same games at home. What is the appeal of leaving your home device and paying for something you already have.

In order to understand this, all you need to do is ask why people go to the movies when they can wait for the film to become available on DVD. There are a few reasons. You do not get the same popcorn; you don’t get the same huge screen and surround sound;  you don’t have the romantic kiss and the annoying idiot in front of you smacking his lips on his diet coke. These aggregated events create what makes going to the movie appealing. The same happens to gamers. It is not the same thing playing your game boy and walking into a LAN center with 300 seats. The excitement will be palpable and that is not something you cannot easily create at home.

Here a few reasons why people still visit LAN centers.

Show off:  If you are good at a game and you don’t have an audience to admire your skill, it will be a pointless exercise.  You will want people to take notice whenever you walk into the center.  Some thrive on being seen and being relevant.  That is what you can achieve through the social gaming environment that existing within a LAN center.

Internet at home:  It is noteworthy that many people still do not have an internet connection at home.   Having access to a place where they can have fun and at the same time get away from whatever is happening at home is essential.  Your Nintendo game boy cannot replicate the joys of multiplayer online gaming experience.

Love:  Some people have even found love with their opponent through multiplayer games.  There is nothing more romantic than sharing your passion for gaming with someone you love.  Life has a way of surprising us.

Socializing: Some people will meet up at Starbucks whilst others will meet in a park.  For gamers, the only location to having a meaning conversation is at a LAN center. You speak the same language and you understand the importance of kicking the keyboard when you lose.

Harnessing the social environment can be conducive to business in the gaming world.  You need to give people a reason to come back.  The more hype you create about your business the more you can entice potential customers to join.  True gamers just want you to give them a reason to come knocking at your door.  Offering an environment that appeals to the social aspect of gaming and in human interaction in general is key to a sustaining LAN center.


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