Howie’s Game Shack


Howie’s Game Shack

Howie’s Game Shack is the largest online interactive game center in North America, with more than 6 million hours of game time logged by its loyal gamers across 250 PCs and consoles, all networked together, in each location. That kind of gaming power requires serious bandwidth. When the Game Shack introduced dedicated fiber optics, the business leveled up.


“The core to gaming—whether it’s video gaming or sports or any kind of games—is that people want to play together. People want to interact together. The original vision behind Howie’s Game Shack was to provide a place where people could come and play together and have fun.”

– Howie Makler, founder and CEO of Howie’s Game Shack

Howie’s Game Shack has provided such a place since 2005. Like any business, however, it has faced a variety of challenges as it has grown.

“When we started, our technical needs were very different than they are today,” Howie Makler, founder, and CEO of Howie’s Game Shack said. “Initially, we used a combination of T1 and DSL lines, but as more and more games started going onto the Internet, we found that our bandwidth just wasn’t able to keep up. The solution for us was fiber optic bandwidth. The day we threw the switch and turned our fiber on, the complaints just vanished.”

When it comes to the future, Howies is dreaming big. He wants to open stores throughout North America over the next couple of years, and ultimately, roll out a chain internationally.

“I think if you’re an entrepreneur and you have a dream, you have to follow that dream. It’s oftentimes hard, but if that’s your driving force to own a business, you wouldn’t be happy doing anything else.”

Operating the largest online interactive game centers in North America – Featuring companywide over 200 PCs, 64 Xbox Ones, and 40 Virtual Reality stations with over 6,000,000 hours played here – Howie’s Game Shack® offers social gaming as never experienced before.

Open 7 days a week – 13 hours on the weekdays, even longer on weekends, this extravaganza includes:Image result for howies games shack

• Rows upon rows of dedicated gaming PCs
• Xbox Ones with high-def LCD displays and outrageous gaming chairs

• HTC Vive Virtual Reality Gaming headsets powered exclusively by AMD Radeon

• Hot food made to order, variety of snacks, and cold beverages to be consumed while playing to avoid breaks in the action – sorry no outside food or drinks allowed
• Outstanding venue for hosting memorable birthday parties and events

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