Ideas for Using the Smartlaunch API

Posted on: Apr 25, 2017 By Edwin in Product Announcements, Tips,

Smartlaunch API can help you access the internal functions of Smartlaunch and give you and your customers out of the box features that can be useful. Some of you might be thinking, “what sorcery is this?!” No, this is not sorcery or anything conjured out of something. This was developed to help customers more on their business and is continuously being updated to add more features that can help operational needs.

Some of the great ideas in which you could use the API are the following:

Create User database

By giving your customers an identity in your LAN center’s computers, you will be able to add value to them. You can check out whose birthday it is and perhaps give a birthday discount or what are their e-mails so you could send out newsletters and offers during each log-in. By creating a user log-in, saving their data and giving them a user log-in and password opens more opportunity for you to improve your business and more opportunity for your customers to access other features about your LAN center like discounts and convenient services which we will elaborate more later.

Top Up Credits

If your LAN center have a website, you can integrate a Smartlaunch API that can let your customers visit your website via mobile phone or their home computer, add in some credits and pay via credit card so all they need to do is enter your LAN center, log in to their account and proceed with what they need to do. No more waiting, less queue on the front desk and more value and convenience for customers who have their user information saved on the database. The great thing about this API is that credits could be manually monitored and withdrawn by the administrator which makes it foolproof. Advance payments can be credited to the account which will give your customers more reason to return.

Get User’s Bill


Since you already have a database of users who are logging in and out of your LAN center’s computers, you can easily get the bill of a customer without manually computing how much they need to pay and how many hours or minutes they have used. It will be automatically calculated by the API and so you could attend to more customers in a shorter span of time.


With the Smartlaunch API, you could check which applications are popularly opened in your LAN center, check the activities of your users, how often they go to your place, what programs they mostly open and so on, the list of possible research and statistics about your operation can be harvested using the API. These data will help you determine which programs you need to ensure that are properly working, determine which customers requires more of your attention to make them more loyal and which users will you send an offer to.

Smartlaunch API have numerous uses and more features are being developed to give you more time with your family or shaking hands with the customers and less in pressing calculator buttons and paying researchers. Now that’s smart!

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