India’s biggest eSports tournament coming up

Posted on: Sep 11, 2018 By smartlaunch in News and trends,

The eSports market is growing in India as big companies have started announcing gaming tournaments for the professional games in the country.

The PUBG Mobile Campus Championship 2018 in India will feature more than 1000 colleges from over 30 cities across the country and mobile players will compete to win prizes worth Rs. 50 lakh (close to USD 70 000) and scholarships.  The whole tournament will be streamed across all social media platforms, allowing the fans across the country to follow the game.

“This is the first time we are organizing an eSports championship here and we are extremely excited to bring it to as many campuses of India as possible. This championship marks the beginning of many steps we will engage in making PUBG MOBILE, the game of choice in India”, says Aneesh Aravind, General Manager at Tencent Games India.

To participate, squads of four players is required. Registration takes place at the official PUBG Mobile website until September 23. The championship will feature four knockout rounds, including the semi-finals and the final 20 will compete for the ultimate prize.

There will be the following special awards for the matches at the Grand Finals:

MVP – Overall Best Player with maximum number of MVP awards
The Executioner – Awarded for maximum kills overall
The Medic – Awarded for highest number of revives
The Redeemer – Awarded to the player with the highest amount of health restored
The Rampage Freak – Awarded for maximum kills in one lobby
The Lone ranger- Awarded for maximum time survived in game

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