Inferno Online Stockholm is the world’s largest gaming center. The record was taken in Guinness’s record book in 2010 and still applies today. Inferno started in Norrköping in 1999 and expanded to Stockholm in 2003. Inferno’s largest centre is located at Odenplan, Stockholm. In 2013, Inferno expanded to Södermalm and opened a premises in Skanstull, both locations in inner Stockholm.

Inferno Online is a gaming center and an eSports center. Inferno has a total of over 520 computers where guests can come and play basically all popular games available on today’s market. Inferno offers a calm and pleasant environment with a pleasant atmosphere where people of all ages can come and play with their friends. Inferno creates a smoother way to “LAN” and a place where you can play on a more social level, meet new people to play with and hang out with friends after school or work.

In recent years, Inferno has focused more and more on eSports. Right now Inferno offers a professional boot camp for all the world’s top teams. With the help of Inferno’s studio, Inferno also hosts international tournaments such as Pantamera CS:GO Challenge, ESL Nordic Nationals and its own tournaments.

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