Intel and ESL in extended USD 100 million deal

Posted on: Dec 18, 2018 By smartlaunch in News and trends,

Intel and ESL, the self-proclaimed largest esports company in the world, have extended a long-standing partnership, signing a three-year USD 100 million deal designed to boost the profile of electronic sports worldwide. Intel will provide the technology — including high-powered computer processors and 5G — for some of the best-known esports events through 2021. Intel will also work alongside ESL to create new events seen around the globe.

The Intel Extreme Masters, an ESL-run league sponsored by Intel, is set to enter its 14th season as the longest-running global professional gaming circuit. As part of the deal, another tournament will be added to the roster with the IEM event in China set to be converted into a stand-alone event.

ESL can follow a strategy closer to traditional sports where it can strike long, high-profile deals that add legitimacy and give it room to grow. Of course, this is also a calculated bet on Intel’s part. It’s counting on esports blossoming enough that a deep investment now will pay off with more people buying Intel-based gaming PCs. And it has a better reason than usual to kick its support into overdrive: it’s facing stiffer competition than ever from AMD’s Ryzen processors. If it doesn’t splurge on things like the ESL deal, it risks losing mindshare to gamers.

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