Japan’s eSports market a thirteenfold increase from last year

Posted on: Dec 13, 2018 By smartlaunch in News and trends,

Japan’s esports market made a thirteenfold increase from last year growing to ¥4,8 billion (about USD 42,5 million) this year, as announced by the gaming industry publisher Gzbrain Inc.

Ever since the legalization of competitive video gaming in February, followed by the establishment of the Japan Esports Union, there has been a massive jump in revenue, as tracked by Gzbrain, which publishes the popular video game magazine Famitsu.

With many new competitions planned, Japan’s esports fan base is expected to grow further, with the domestic market forecast to swell to ¥10 billion in 2022.

The fact that esports has begun to thrive in Japan should come as no surprise, given that the country is one of the biggest and most influential when it comes to gaming. Even as the domestic esports market in Japan is poised for massive growth, one can assume that the next step for the industry in the country is to expand its influence internationally.

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