LAN Center vs. Gaming at Home & 6 Ways To Keep Customers Coming Back

Posted on: Jan 21, 2017 By Edwin in Tips,

A lot of people are addicted to gaming and there is a good reason for that. Most games are challenging and addictive. The more you play, the more you want to play. Getting to the ultimate goal is what most people want to achieve. The more they push themselves, the more they want. It is a never ending adrenaline rush. Gaming at home is great but LAN centers are even better because they offer an atmosphere difficult to recreate at home.

Gaming is not just about fun, it is also about business and making a living. If you run a LAN center or are thinking of doing so, one of the most important thing is marketing and getting customers to your business. Most businesses fail, not because the idea is off course but because the owners didn’t do enough to get their products to potential customers.

How do you keep your business afloat beyond the opening day. Here are a few ideas that might help draw more customers.

Creating a Club:  There is something appealing about being part of a club.  This can help boost your business as those who are part of the club get the benefit of exchanging gaming ideas and participating in team competitions.  If you try to challenge other gamers in another LAN center, that will create a sense of belonging just like what you get from a karate or judo club.  Casual gamers will likely become hardcore players because they feel they belong to something greater.

Competition:  Beyond the idea of a club are competitions.  If you do this on a regular basis, it will keep things fresh and help customers put your business in their agenda. There are those who love to win and there are those who love to participate. Family members might come along to cheer on participants.  It will become a family event and more people will join and that can only mean profitability for your business.

Gaming Chair:  This might sound a little silly but a lot of people who love to play games would love to have a proper gaming chair.  The chair will separate your LAN center from internet cafes.  It will look and feel different and those who get to test the better user experience will spread the word. (Want to blow peoples socks off? Try a Flight Simulator setup!)

Quality Headphones: If you have ever tried playing games with sound coming from built-in speakers, you already know that the quality is not up to par. If a gamer can rent a $300 headphone for a modest price and experience the joys, you will have a repeating customer which will be a bonus for your business.

Bundles:  If you normally charge $2 per hour and you want more customers, offering a bundle can be beneficial.  You can offer  a bundle where customers pay $10 and get 10 hours of play instead of 5.  This bundle can be used on days where business is usually slow.  It means getting more people walk through the door.  You still have to charge for the headphones for example.

Subscription:  Monthly subscription at a fixed priced for unlimited gaming will appeal to those who spend a lot of time playing online.  This is similar to what telecoms company offer their clients, you can be inspired by the way they do business.

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