League of Legends World Championship, Oct 1 to Nov 3, 2018

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This year’s League of Legends World Championship is approaching and will bring together the best League teams in the world.

This year’s tournament in South Korea, will kick off on Oct 1, and teams from the various leagues will be looking to grab a spot at the biggest event of the year by performing well in their respective regions.

The top two teams from the NA LCS (North America), EU LCS (Europe), LPL (China) and LMS (TW/HK/MCO) will join all three squads from the LCK (South Korea) to be placed into the group stage. The third seeds from the NA, EU, LPL, and LMS regions will be forced to fight in the Play-In Stage against the International Wildcard teams for a shot at the final four places in groups.

The Vietnam region (VCS), which was the most successful wildcard region at the Mid-Season Invitational, will enter the group stage while the other wildcard teams join the Play-In Stage.

Below is an overview of host cities and event dates.

Play-In Stage, Oct 1-4 & Oct 6-7: The kick off of Worlds will be in South Korea’s capital Seoul, where 12 teams will compete for the 4 remaining Group Stage spots.

Group Stage & Quarterfinals, Oct 10-17 (Group Stage) & Oct 20-21 (Quarterfinals): After the conclusion of the Play-In Stage in Seoul the games will continue in Busan, Korea’s second most populous city.

Semifinals, Oct 27-28: Once the four remaining teams have been determined, the semifinals will take place in Gwangju, in the southwest part of the country.

Finals, Nov 3: The Worlds 2018 winner will hoist the trophy in Incheon.




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