Management Utilities

You are in control of all computers in your center with the Smartlaunch Administrator. You boot / reboot / shut down all computers in one go or select computers individually.

User Account Management

User accounts for your customers are created and loaded with prepaid time. Prices are set based on membership type. View session history and change user groups to maximize returns. Personal user files, allows your customers to store their personal preferences, which greatly improve their entertainment experience at your center and – most importantly – make your customers want to come back again and again.

User Groups

Helps you create and manage various membership schemes through an unlimited number of different customer types and user groups. Ability to have a different pricing structure for each group including differentiated time, product and offer prices. Set an expiration date for the group, such that after a certain number of days the user will revert to a different group (e.g. VIP-member to regular member).

File Transfer

Send multiple files or folders from the Administrator to one or more client computers.

Equipment Rental

Keep track and charge for rented equipment such as high-end mice, headsets, game DVDs, Game controllers, and headsets.

User Images

Upload or snap photos directly from your webcam and make sure your customers are who they say they are and also maintain the customers’ ID records which may be needed in some countries.

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