Mercedes-Benz organizes ESL tournament

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Mercedes-Benz supports the increasingly popular world of esport and will be a partner of the ESL One tournament in Katowice (February 24-25, 2018) – the first major class tournament in Poland in the Dota 2 video game. It is one of the largest events of this kind in Europe. During the event in Katowice Spodek for the first time will be shown in Poland a new Class A, which redefines the concept of luxury in the class of compact cars.

Double-digit growth rates, sold-out stadium seats around the world, annual prize pools over 100 million euros and nearly 500 million hours of streaming seen every month – esport is gaining more and more recognition and can be successfully recognized as a “real” sport discipline. On the one hand, it reflects social changes in the form of progressive digitization, on the other, esport, as well as other disciplines, requires players to concentrate, specific skills, teamwork and speed of action.

Since the end of last year, the global world of esport actively supports MercedesBenz – as a partner and co-organizer of the ESL One tournaments. The Stuttgart manufacturer responds to the latest trends in this way and reaches new, young customers – directly in their own environment. Sponsorship of the ESL One tournaments is a natural continuation of the “Grow up” campaign, promoting the youthful face of Mercedes-Benz and best-selling compact models with a star.

This weekend, 24-25 February 2018, Katowice will host the ESL One tournament in the Dota 2 multiplayer strategic game. It is an event of international scale and the first Major class tournament in Dota 2 in Poland. Teams from the world’s top will compete for prizes with a total pool of USD 1 million, and their matches will be followed by crowds of spectators in Katowice’s Spodek and online via streaming. At the same time, the competition will host the plebiscite for the most valuable player – MercedesBenz MVP (Most Valuable Player), also chosen by the public and expert jury. The winner will receive a new copy of the selected compact Mercedes.

For the guests of the event, Mercedes-Benz has prepared many attractions – including possibility of test drives with the latest models and contests with prizes in which you can win remotely controlled miniature Gelendy. The participants will receive the same models for each participant.

During the ESL One tournament in Katowice, for the first time in Poland, the newest Class A will also make its debut – bigger and more mature than its predecessor, and at the same time as dynamic and youthful as ever. The third generation of the hit compact with a star stands out, among others an even more functional body, a completely new MBUX multimedia system with artificial intelligence, new, efficient engines and elements of equipment previously reserved for luxury saloons.

The ESL One tournament will start on Saturday 24 February at 12:00 in Katowice Spodek at al.Korfantego 35. Admission is free.

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