New team tournament in Japan in 2019

Posted on: Sep 26, 2018 By smartlaunch in News and trends,

Partnering with the Japan Esports Union (JeSU), a new Street Fighter league has been announced by Capcom, the Japanese developer and publisher of video games. Utilising a team format, six teams of 3 players will battle in Street Fighter V, beginning in Spring 2019. The new league is another way for Capcom and the Japan Esports Union to achieve their goal of growing eSports in Japan.

Mainly due to the laws surrounding competition within Japan, Capcom has been notably absent in supporting the fighting game community in Japan. Similar to the popular Super Battle Opera (SBO) team tournaments, this marks the return of the format since the last SBO in 2012. Capcom will allow both licensed and unlicensed players to participate in the tournament.

Since the foundation of the JeSU, Capcom announced its support for the eSports scene in 2018 and is now acting on that intent. This signals a promising step forward in showcasing the massive amount of local talent within the Japanese region.

It’s unclear how the players will be chosen, through qualifiers or invites, with more details along with a date coming later.

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