New venture in CS:GO – Danger Zone

Posted on: Dec 07, 2018 By smartlaunch in News and trends,

The developers behind CS:GO get into new water for the game to compete with the giants Fortnite and PUBG; Danger Zone. It is the name of the battle royale mode now released by Counter Strike: Global Offensive. The new battle royal mode is played on the map Blacksite, which you can see on the picture above.

The battle royal mode revolves around solo, duo or trio games where you make up on a server with 16-18 players to be the last survivor left. According to the developers, the matches themselves take about 10 minutes. That’s quite a lot shorter than the competitors’ averages.

The weapons in Danger Zone are the same as in CS:GO and work in the same way with the same damage. On the other hand, players in the battle royal mode can have up to 120 in health, which means they can survive some shots that in the original game would have led to a safe death.

The game will have a similar layout as PUBG and Fortnite when it comes to how to get their equipment. Around the map there are loots that players pick up to extend protection and arsenal. There will also be airdrops that contain valuable equipment if you manage to get hold of them.

During the game, you also collect money so that you can buy weapons delivered to you via the drones. On the other hand, your enemies can also see your incoming deliveries.

Half an hour after the release, CS:GO was in second place among the games that attracted most viewers at Twitch. About 180,000 people had then gathered to check out the game’s new segment. When the Danger Zone was published, it was also announced that CS:GO is now free to play.

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