Order Collaborates with Puma for Team Apparel

Posted on: Sep 04, 2019 By Isabelle in News and trends,

Melbourne-based esports club Order, has recently announced that they have appointed the German-based sports brand Puma, as their official apparel partner. This deal lasts for two years.

Order players, as well as supporters, will be seen wearing Puma clothing. This esports club is fairly new, and has existed since 2017. They compete in teams with games such as League of Legends, Overwatch, World of Warcraft, and Counterstrike, to name a few.

This is the second collaboration within esports for Puma. They recently signed a contract in January with North America’s Cloud9.

Puma is one of the most legendary sports brands. They have always taken aim at subcultures within music, sports, various parts of the entertainment industry, and now the focus is on gaming.

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