Parents are hiring “Fortnite” coaches for their children

Posted on: Aug 14, 2018 By smartlaunch in News and trends,

The news a few days ago, reported by Good Morning America and other American newspapers, of some American parents who have started hiring real coaches to improve the performance of their children on Fortnite Battle Royale has caused a sensation. Parents paying for these lessons say that the practice is no different than investing in private tutors to help their children succeed in other activities, like basketball or chess.

The coaches for videogames are not new, just think of Star Craft or any game in which eSports are sampled in which these personalities are very present. But the fact that they exist for a title like Fortnite has, in its own way, caused a sensation.

Some of those parents are hoping that their kids will turn their hobbies into lucrative eSports careers or a college scholarship. So funding a coach for 15 or 20 dollars per hour to improve the child seems therefore a very normal thing.

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