Why Do You Need Cyber Cafe Software?

Posted on: May 23, 2017 By admin in Tips,

Starting up a business can cost a lot of money and you would want to get all the tools and help you need to make it very successful. In a LAN center, where you would have plenty of computers and customers with little man power, sooner or later you might need to consider getting a Cyber Café Software. Some of these software are free but you will need to purchase them later on to unlock the really “useful” features for your business. So what will you benefit from purchasing a Cyber Café Software? Are these benefits worth the price you pay? Let’s find out.

Reasons Why Your LAN Center Business Needs Reliable Cyber Cafe Software:


Software License Distribution

This is the Midas touch of the internet world. Let’s you save a lot of cash from purchasing games and programs for every computer.

Automated Billing Management

Maximize your productivity by letting the cyber café software monitor your customer’s time and usage. Collect payment from your customers for exactly the amount of time they use, fast and efficiently.


With cyber café software you can manage users, computers and devices activity, secure your network from threats like viruses.

Marketing Ease

Sending promotions and marketing materials to your customers is simple and free, especially if you know how to use the Smartlaunch API.

Ultimately, your LAN center business will be more efficient, profitable and most of all secured when you use cyber cafe software. Monitor the incoming and outgoing transactions even if you’re not physically present at all times in your business.

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