Rules of Survival PC Version now Released in Indonesia

Posted on: Apr 17, 2018 By smartlaunch in News and trends,

The domain of esport in Indonesia continues to evolve unceasingly. This time, Vietnam’s leading developer and publisher, VNG Corporation, decided to release the official Rules of Survival PC version in Indonesia!

This certainly provides fresh air for the esport activists, the article adds another division that enables you to work as a professional esport athlete.

Previously, the name “Rules of Survival” itself has invested its foundation in Indonesia through battle royale games on smartphones or mobile devices.

Now, Rules of Survival is trying to embrace PC gamers and enthusiasts with the official release of Rules of Survival PC version. In this way, of course, the more fond of gamers with classic control WASD can try the tension of playing Rules of Survival!

The question is, do you have to try the Rules of Survival PC version? Of course! In addition to more HD graphics, RoS PC is also free. In addition, there are 2 reasons why you should try RoS PC and pursue it as esport. This is it:

1) Play with 5 people in 1 team!

Rules of Survival PC version supports 1 team that can be filled up to 5 players in Fireteam mode! This exclusive mode is currently owned by Rules of Survival.

With this Fireteam mode, of course, the game will be more solid and exciting, because the planning and execution strategy between teams will be more mature! In addition, 5 people in a team become the “hallmark” of an esport game.

In addition to the mode, RoS also has Solo mode for you who want to play alone, Duo mode that wants to play alone, and Squad mode that allows you to play up to 4 people in a team.

2) Competitive against 300 players from all over the world!

In addition, Rules of Survival PC version also offers a very competitive game, i.e. you are not against 100 players in one folder, but up to 300 players!

With a map that is also quite extensive, of course, the presence of 300 players will make the game feel very active. In every corner, it can be said that you almost certainly meet with your opponent to make a shootout.

That way, Rules of Survival PC version can be said to have the potential as an esport battle royale really exciting to watch.

By the year 2017, the Rules of Survival alone has already harvested 80 million downloads in 45 countries, and now that number has grown to 100 million downloads in 80 countries!

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