Second matchday of eFootball.Pro league next week

Posted on: Jan 17, 2019 By smartlaunch in News and trends,

The second matchday of the season has now been announced by eFootball.Pro. The second matchday will be will be next Saturday, January 26, at the Highvideo Studios in Barcelona.

All eyes will be on the top three teams: Celtic, FC Barcelona, and AS Monaco. These teams performed especially well in the first round of matches, although Celtic sit above the rest with their player Ettorito.

eFootball.Pro takes real football to the esports universe. Its goal is to professionalize the football esports industry by organizing the first international esports competition with top football clubs only.

eFootball.Pro was created in 2016 thanks to events, football, technology, and esports experts teams. It belongs to EMR (Esports Media Rights), an events and esports company, competitions promoter, creator of related content and broadcaster. The company has its headquarters in Barcelona.

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